How to Reduce Film Piracy Effectively

Piracy has a long history and it still continues to exist up to today. Illegal copying and distribution of copyrighted materials have been overlooked that regular pirates consistently download without hesitation. In fact, online piracy is that kind of copyright infringement that is difficult to stop. However, with the technological advancements and other anti-piracy measures implemented, the issue can be controlled.

A film is an art form expressed by visionaries like filmmakers and writers. This type of business is commercial and continues to grow internationally. So, there are a lot to consider and one important element is the use of a property owned by a third party. It’s where film copyrights, trademarks, and business names come into play. And seeking permission is necessary.

In the survey

When regular movie buffs were surveyed about pirating movies, most said they download movies illegally almost every month. The main reason is content availability. And it’s not just about playing the movie in every area but mostly making it available at the same time like the rest of the world.

Legal alternatives

As streaming services for music and movies decrease online piracy, some anti-piracy efforts fail gradually. Here are a few examples:

1. Internet filter

Living in an area where you are restricted from watching what you like does not feel good. Internet filters or website blocking is a way that allows or blocks users from accessing specific web pages. Although this works best as parental control, it will only make internet users wiser. Also in effect, more businesses could capitalize in piracy.

2. Notice scheme

Most times, the warnings that infringers receive serve as just that, a warning. The notice scheme makes people remain confident about doing illegal activities because they can be excused for a few times. Also, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do not fully support this scheme.

Make content available

Year 2015 is the rise of Submission Videos on Demand (SVOD) services like Netflix. It was so big that it contributed to the decrease of online piracy. Even streaming services like Spotify helped lessen the number of active pirates from around 5 million in 2008 to 1.8 in 2012.

The most effective way to reduce film piracy is by making content easily available the same time it is shown all over the world. Affordability of access also plays an important role as it competes with not paying at all. Not all who pirate copyrighted materials are serial pirates. They probably acquired the act due to unavailability of specific content in their area. If given the option to pay for it, they probably would.

Private Startup Investing Revolutionized

For more than 80 years, people have wanted to allocate a piece of their portfolio – even just $10k – to a compelling, high-risk/high-reward venture. The problem was, until the JOBS Act was passed a couple of years ago, and the rules were written even more recently, you had to be a venture capitalist or private equity firm to even see those groundfloor deals (that is, unless your cousin hit you up for cash on his new social media startup). The game has changed, and you can now see private deals offered under Regulation D, Rule 506(c) if you are accredited. Companies that qualify for the exemption can now conduct a general solicitation of accredited investors.

The progressive startups will win, and must adjust quickly to take advantage of the new law. If a startup can get their deal in front of the average investor, the chances of winning at completing a fundraise — even faster than a venture capital group could fund the same company — will be very likely. Venture group used to get all the action, and the average investor missed out. Missing out was the norm. But the norm has changed. Groundfloor level positions used to be exclusive to those who were “in the know.” Not anymore. The average investor is now at par with the big boys.

Some startups to avoid are those that do not offer risk mitigation. If a startup offers risk mitigation, the chances of private ‘untapped’ investors underwriting the fundraise increase dramatically!

Company after company are now launching their private fundraise to support their growth using Rule 506(c). Unique deal structures are, therefore, being demanded. Unique deal structures, for example, that provide a “wait and see” option to convert to an equity stake in the company at the investor’s discretion will become more popular. Such structures allow investors to enjoys an interest rate while they wait and see if the startup skyrockets or gets acquired for a premium. And if it doesn’t, well, that’s where the unique structure would apply.

To be clear, startups must provide risk mitigation to investors in order to really stand out in the crowd. Investors want deals that are designed to stand out in the crowd. Effectively, deals that provide a hedge for investors in a best-of-both-worlds scenario: enabling investors to jump into a high-potential tech investment, but without the typical risk exposure. Knowing that there are millions of investors in America, the key for any startup is generating traffic and being able to quickly monetize it. This means that online gateways are needed that:

· qualifies prospective investors,
· provides complete disclosures of the offering to investors,
· issues serialized offering documents to investors,
· provides for investors to complete subscription documents, and
· accepts investment transactions.

National Image Swap Out Awareness Campaign

National Image Swap-Out is a campaign to make online businesses aware of image fatigue and how changing images has big benefits. Businesses are challenged to introduce new image content online in order to combat image fatigue.

Image fatigue is a phenomenon where people get immune to images seen over and over. This happens due to a lack of periodic image refreshment. Changing images on a website can have big impact for websites, search engines and marketing.

Effective Frequency

The Advertising industry uses the term “effective frequency” to express a numerical range below which, exposure of a message is inadequate and above which, exposure is considered wastage. Many images on websites have seriously abused effective frequency standards resulting in excessive over-exposure of visuals, total loss of impact and little return on the visual investment.

An image’s impact factor diminishes extremely quickly on the internet and so must be replaced or refreshed unfailingly. On the internet, the life cycle of an image is very, very short. Why care? Images are interpreted 60,000 times faster than text.

Facebook recommends that image ads used for advertising be changed in some way every few days so quickly does their impact diminish. Whether commercially used or not, images on the internet need to be changed with more regularity than is now the norm.

In addition to making websites more than just long blocks of boring text on a screen, images can be encoded in special ways to increase search engine ranking. Here’s how to make this work for your visual content.


During an image swap out, it is important to keep SEO in mind as well as know how to use images to contribute to SEO results. Search engines love text-based content and need help to “read” an image. Using keywords in the name of the image file to combat this, so that your keywords will still show up in the coding of the website. Be sure to use hyphens or underscores to parse keywords in image file names, and do not add in non-keywords like “a” or “the”.

ALT Attribute

Another way to make sure your images are working for your SEO is optimizing the alt attribute or alt tags on images. Alt text is useful when a browser can’t properly render an image to let the viewer know what image should have displayed. Even if the image is rendered properly, a hovering mouse over the image will make the alt text appear giving more insight as to the name of the image or even the purpose for its use.

Alt text can add SEO value to your website by associating keywords with images. Make sure to describe your images in the alt text by using plain English. If you sell products with a model number or serial number, be sure to use it in the alt text as well. Be careful when using the alt text not to stuff in a bunch of keywords. If you abuse alt text, search engines may penalize you for over-optimization.

Business Art versus Generic Images

Small businesses in particular have an embarrassing lack of designated business art creative in their marketing arsenals. Most count only a logo as the sole business related occupant in their Pictures Library.

When considering new image content, businesses should use the opportunity to create new promotional creative for marketing. New image content on websites, social media pages, proposals and presentations that also sells the business in some way is even more valuable than refreshing with generic images.

How To Talk With Your Astrologer To Get The Best From Him/His In The First Meeting

If you are interacting and consulting with an astrologer for the first time, then probably you don’t know that what to expect from the interpretation. You don’t have any idea that what an astrologer can do for you. You are nervous too about what is going to reveal in the session. But don’t worry; being apprehensive for your new experience is a natural phenomenon.

But do you know that what an astrologer is expecting from you? If you want to get the best benefit from an astrologer in the first meeting only, then here are a few points which you should consider.

Be Candid about your Place of Birth and Time

An astrologer asks the time of your birth from you, so that he or she can prepare a personalized birth chart, which depicts your future astrology horoscope and is totally based on your birth place and time of birth. Birth time of 5 pm is highly imaginable, as it is more likely to be 4.55 pm or 5.02 pm in realism.

The ideal time of birth is the one that is captured when a newborn baby takes first breath. It is that precious moment of time, when the infant inhales the potential of the great universe. It is important to note the time of a baby’s birth at least in the minutes, if not in seconds, this information is notable for the people who are expecting to have a baby in the future.

Just glean your time of birth from your mother or check it out from the birth certificate. But, if you don’t know the correct time, then please don’t make assumptions. As if you think that something is better than saying nothing, this may result in the wrong predictions of your future.

If you tell your astrologer that your mother thinks that you were born in the afternoon, after the lunch, then with this kind of information, an astrologer makes prediction that just suits you but would unable to predict precisely about your future. So, just make sure to give the accurate birth time and birth place to your astrologer. So that he/she would predict your future in a much better and precise way.

Be Straight forward

A face to face interaction between an astrologer and an individual usually completes within one hour of interactive session and sometimes it stretches up to two. But in one hour, you can grasp and be glad of the first meeting.

Hence it’s better to reveal the concerned topic during the booking of an appointment, as not all astrologers are mind readers.

Take an appointment

An on-line interaction between an individual and an astrologer can take place in which you have no need to take an appointment. But it’s better for you to take an appointment first, as it gives you the time to get prepared with the list of your problems and remain ready from your end. By doing so, you can also interact with the astrologer effectively and get benefited right in the first meeting. That also gives time to the astrologers, to prepare themselves with meditation, which further results in a more meaningful consultation.

Don’t comment on astrologer, if you are a Serial client?

People who refer from one astrologer to another, in search of satisfactory answers, are known as clients. Thus, if you are a serial client, then it is advisable to resist yourself from asking the current astrologer about the comments which are told to you by your previous astrologer. As this makes your current astrologer to focus on the points you say and distracts him/her from making the predictions accurately.


The above points would definitely help you in getting the best from your astrologer in the first meeting. If you get an astrologer that tunes with your life’s rhythms, then just keep that astrologer close to you. You are a lucky one to get an astrologer to guide you to live a prosperous life.

Hyper Weight Loss

Have you tried dieting before and FAILED?

Don’t worry there are more people wearing the, ‘I’ve Failed My Diet’ T-shirt than those that have succeeded!

If you are ready to give it another go and are all fired up and confident then simply ask yourself this first.

Are you fully prepared for what lies ahead? The bad times and the good times. Have you now got the determination, the drive and the enthusiasm to succeed? It is going to take all of this and more. Please do not become a serial failure. If you have failed before make sure that you have got the motivation, the grit, what it takes and more. You will also need a few people behind you, helping to keep you motivated and ‘Hungry’ for success.

A life of movement and doing things. Getting out of the armchair and taking part. You do not have to visit the gym and exercise your butt off if you do not want to but, you have to stop being the ‘Couch Potato’. You know that don’t you? Cycling, walking and for the more adventures running. Phew, I hope that you are not getting a sweat on just thinking about it. You have to do something, you need to move those arms and legs a little. If you can get to a gym it may well be the answer as you will find that there are people there to support you and to help you reach your goals. You just need the determination to get there.

Cut down on the carbs. They are OK in moderation and best kept for breakfast. And while I am on the subject of breakfast, do not miss this meal. It is the most important meal of the day! You need to eat proteins. So keep thinking less carbs more protein, less carbs more proteins. Got it?

Takeaways are a big NO, NO and include Fast Food. Don’t do it! Leave the fat foods alone. Even restaurants and dining out. Unless it is a specialty restaurant for dieters, don’t do it.

More fruit and vegetables. Almost as many as you like. It is almost impossible to eat too many vegetables and fruit unless you really choose unwisely. So take advantage and stock up on your veggies.

Water, yes water is allowed again almost as much as you can drink. Just don’t drink that much that you drown. I have heard that it is possible to drink that much water that you can drown. I do not know if that is true though. I must see what I can find out about that one online!

Alcohol, you have to give up alcohol. OK maybe 1 to 2 units per week but that is all. Not many people realize that alcohol contains a lot of calories. A few glasses and you have just consumed your daily allowance of calories. A good night out, ‘Boozing It Up’ and that’s your calorie intake for the week!